Thursday, 6 June 2013

Scaapi visits suppliers in South Africa

At Scaapi we sell 7 colours of Vinni's colours cotton bamboo wool.  
We start our South African supplier tour by visiting Vinni Nielsen and her team in Cape Town.
Vinni is the owner and founder of Vinni's Colours.
She has a small but very dedicated team working for her.
Vinni attributes the success of her company to the loyalty of her hardworking staff.

The wool arrives undyed at Vinni's premises.

The wool is dyed by hand in dye baths that have been
specially designed and made for Vinni.

Vinni's yarns are sun dried! Always! The Cape Town winter's
can be cold and wet. To overcome this challenge
Vinni dyes more in sunny summer months.
The yarn is prepared by hand to be wound into balls manually.
Our next visit also in Cape Town was to Karen and Gladys,
the makers of our
Gladys used to be a cleaning lady, but
now earns enough as Karen's assistant to support an extended family.
Karen finishes off an iphone cover, which was made in
my presence  to explain the felt making process
Gladys works away by rolling the felt between bubble plastic.
 Felt is formed by friction between the
wool fibres, making the scales on the fibres stick to eachother.
Bubble plastic is commonly used by felters to aid in this process.
My first attempt at needlefelting one of my own designs!
Not easy!
Our next stop was to visit Nomvula's knitters on the East Coast of South Africa.
 Our super cute and soft baby blankets are knitted by the Nomvula's knitter's team.
Interesting fact is that we use Vinni's cotton bamboo yarn for the baby blanket.
Nomvula's knitters employs a team of women and men, all keen to learn,
grow and improve their lives.
I was given a tour of the premises by Pinky. Pinky was very helpful
and looked sharp in semi traditional Xhosa wear.
Upon leaving I visited the Nomvula's shop, where wool and knitted products are sold. 
 I was greeted and helped by a very nice lady called Thobeka.
Sometimes you are lucky to meet inspiring people.
You know they are special and Thobeka is one of them.
I received a cute crochet necklace as a gift upon leaving.
Before I left there was time for a bear hug and a photo of us three.

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